Funding in Place to complete Loft Elevator and Restrooms

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Thanks to a surge of generosity from area Foundations this past December, we now can proceed with the Elevator to the Loft and handicapped accessible restrooms on the Loft level. December kicked off with a $20,000 donation from the John A. Schroth Family Charitable Trust. In the middle of the month, we received our biggest single donation to date from a charitable Foundation: the Louis & Louise Nippert Charitable Foundation donated $78,500 toward the project. We are very grateful for their interest and support in making art programs in the Loft accessible to all! The month closed with a generous $10,000 donation from the Sutphin Family Foundation, who previously had donated $10,000 in 2011 toward the Loft project. It was truly a "season of giving", and demonstrates once again that Cincinnati is invested in the arts community.


Annual Campaign 2017 Donors

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Sincere thanks to all who have contributed to this year's Annual Campaign! Did you know?

  • The Barn does NOT rely on grants for its operating funds
  • Operating funds come from room rentals and Individual Donors like you!
  • The Barn is a 501c3 (EIN 20-5433639) so your donation is completely tax deductible
  • You can give by sending in a check payable to the WACC Foundation Annual Fund Campaign
  • ...or go online at and donate securely by credit card
  • You can choose to list your name here...or not!

Here are the giving levels:

  • Mary Spencer Patron: $2500 and up
  • Dixie Selden Patron: $1000 - $2499
  • Henrietta Wilson Patron: $500 - $999
  • Ida H. Holloway Patron: $250 - $499
  • Emma Mendenhall Patron: $100 - $249
  • Friend of the Barn: up to $99

We warmly thank all who have donated to date:

Judith Affatato Friend of the Barn
Elizabeth Berning Friend of the Barn
Barbara Biltz Friend of the Barn
Suzy Carney Friend of the Barn
Jerome & Phyllis  Dattilo Friend of the Barn
Ann & Jim Foran Friend of the Barn
Katherine Graeter Friend of the Barn
Mary & Joseph Heffron Friend of the Barn
Sue & Jack Helbling Friend of the Barn
Jeri Kozobarich Friend of the Barn
Leba Rae Litwack Friend of the Barn
Gail Lundgren Friend of the Barn
Julie Northrop Friend of the Barn
Joan & Daniel Popowics Friend of the Barn
Bonnie Rettig Friend of the Barn
Fran & Roger  Stafford Friend of the Barn
Stephen & Erika Turan Friend of the Barn
Karen & Edward Berkich Emma Mendenhall Patron
Sharon & Rex Bevis Emma Mendenhall Patron
Ann & Stephen Bjornson  Emma Mendenhall Patron
Jan & Tim Boone Emma Mendenhall Patron
Arlene Brill Emma Mendenhall Patron
Nancy & Sam Duran Emma Mendenhall Patron
Carolyn Hibbard Emma Mendenhall Patron
Walter & Barbara Kautz Emma Mendenhall Patron
Nancy King Emma Mendenhall Patron
Luanna Klote Emma Mendenhall Patron
Kym & Mark Kuenning Emma Mendenhall Patron
Geraldine & Frank Lech Emma Mendenhall Patron
Phillip Long Emma Mendenhall Patron
Lynn & Gary Long Emma Mendenhall Patron
Alleen & Shayne Manning Emma Mendenhall Patron
Angie & John Meehan Emma Mendenhall Patron
Judith Mitchell Emma Mendenhall Patron
Mariemont Preservation Foundation Emma Mendenhall Patron
Cindy & Doug Puterbaugh Emma Mendenhall Patron
Marie & Glenn Nicholson Emma Mendenhall Patron
Carol & Steve Rentschler Emma Mendenhall Patron
Jan Ring Emma Mendenhall Patron
Nancy Shahan Emma Mendenhall Patron
Cheryl Stamm Emma Mendenhall Patron
Nancy Stover Emma Mendenhall Patron
Ed & Carolyn Tuttle Emma Mendenhall Patron
Lisa Wharton Emma Mendenhall Patron
Mary Ann Fieler Ida H. Holloway Patron
Kay Hartsel Ida H. Holloway Patron
Theresa & Eddie Hooker Ida H. Holloway Patron
Marie Huenefeld Ida H. Holloway Patron
Rick & Sandy Koehler Ida H. Holloway Patron
Zoila Kukulies Ida H. Holloway Patron
Jane & Pete McDonald Ida H. Holloway Patron
Debra Oliver Ida H. Holloway Patron
Bob & Deborah Ridgley Ida H. Holloway Patron
JD Seibert & Co. Ida H. Holloway Patron
Joan & Doug Welsh Ida H. Holloway Patron
Donna Winkler Ida H. Holloway Patron
Bobbie & Stan Bahler Henrietta Wilson Patron
Richard (Dick) Adams Dixie Selden Patron
Nancy & Jonathan Reynolds Dixie Selden Patron
Mary S. Sloneker Trust Dixie Selden Patron
Barbara Weyand Trust Dixie Selden Patron


Volunteer at the Barn

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We can always use a few helping hands as the Barn expands to over 20 exhibits and 20 events per year! Whether you like greeting people, baking treats, setting up for functions and fundraisers, or decorating, there is an opportunity for you to pitch in.  

You can also sign up for specific duties by clicking on the button below, or if you prefer us to contact you on an as-needed basis, You can register as a "barn volunteer", and enter your contact details and preferences here.


Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Art Classes for Seniors

Written by Lynn Long. Posted in Foundation

As part of our outreach to the community, local artist and educator Dave Laug has begun a class in introductory sketching and drawing. The class is held at the Marielders Building, at 6923 Madisonville Rd. Marielders is a nonprofit senior center dedicated to the enrichment of life for adults 55 years and older by providing activities and services. Established in 1977, Marielders serves Fairfax, Madison Place, Mariemont, Plainville and Terrace Park. The classes are open to Marielders members, and happen at 1pm on Mondays, October 3rd through November 7, at a very accessible cost of $5/class. All materials are supplied! This six week session teaches the basics of sketching and how to apply these tools. Typically around 15 seniors attend each of the classes. Dave Laug is a Director at the Woman's Art Club Cultural Center, and heads up the Adult Education task force.

Mariemont Preservation Foundation Donates $7500 for Loft

Written by Lynn Long. Posted in Foundation

In early September, the Mariemont Preservation Foundation (MPF) Board of Trustees unanimously voted to contribute $7500 to the construction work in the Loft of The Barn. The award letter states "The Trustees believe your organization contributes to the principles established by Mary Emery when the Village of Mariemont was begun - the quality of life for the residents and the education of our children." MPF was instrumental in polling the citizens about future use of the Barn when it was threatened with demolition; in applying for historic preservation awards on behalf of The Barn; and in funding four years of our Saturday family cultural series, "Mariemont Preservation Presents". We are so grateful for the encouragement and financial support of MPF, now and through the years.

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