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Credit, photo at left: Viltrakis Photography

Looking for a venue for your next special event? Why not hold it in our beautiful white vintage-1920s Barn, loaded with charm and architectural detail? The Barn is a wonderful location for weddings, receptions, celebrations, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, reunions, and parties of all kinds.

You can rent rooms separately or rent the entire facility. Party rooms at the Barn include the Gallery, the Tack Room, the Lindner Classroom on the first floor; and the Loft on the second floor (please note: requires climbing stairs). Our newly renovated Loft now features a dozen skylights, new lighting, and HVAC so it is available year-round! Since we are first and foremost a Cultural Events Center - not a dedicated Event Venue - room availability will depend on scheduled art activities & classes.

~ You are free to choose your own caterer (we do not restrict you to a certain list).

~ To search dates for availability, please click here to view the Facilities calendar. The week view is the easiest to read (click on the "Week" tab at top right of calendar).

~ For ideas on layouts, decorations, and space usage, visit our photo gallery on Pinterest ("Weddings at the Barn" and "Gallery Event Photos").

~ For questions about decorating, parking, music, and more, read our "Special Events FAQ".

~ To see a list of furniture & linens available at the Barn, click here.

~ To see a floorplan of the first floor, click here.

~ To add a tent to the Courtyard, there is a fee of $50 and you are free to rent from the rental company of your choice (we do not provide any tents). To see an example price list from Academy Rentals, click here. Please note: pricing provided purely as an example; we do not have an exclusive agreement with any tent rental company; all arrangements are made by the renter. If you opt to rent a tent, you must file a tent permit with the Village of Mariemont (download here).

~ Contract and 50% deposit required to reserve your date, with no exceptions. You must contact the Barn for a tour prior to booking.

~ Room capacities and sizes are listed below. Please note: the maximum capacity for the entire building is 250.

~ Usage Fees** for Special Events are as follows (6 to 8 hour time period) :

Space Capacity Room


Friday Saturday
Gallery 96 33' X 38' $375 $200 $375 $495
Gallery (Non-Profit) 96 33' X 38' $350 $200 $350 $400
Entire First Floor 202   $850 $450 $850 $900
Entire First Floor (Non-Profit) 202   $800 $450 $800 $850
Loft Only

179 seated with tables
250 chairs only

  $980 $525 $980 $1100
Loft Only - Wedding Ceremony*

150 seated

  $300 $300 $300 $300
Entire Facility (First Floor + Loft) 250   $1400 $900 $1400 $1700
Entire Facility non-profit 250   $1350 $850 $1350 $1650
Lindner Classroom only 56 18' X 42' $280 $280 $280 $280
Tack Room only 50 21' X 31' $125 $125 $125 $125

*Please note: This rate is only available if added on to rental of Entire First Floor; otherwise, Loft Only fees apply
** Rates subject to change

Attendant Fee (mandatory): $100 ($150 for Wedding Receptions)

Furniture Setup Fee (optional): $125

Refundable Damage Deposit Fee: $250

Tent Fee: $50

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