(I)ntrep(ID): Art by Priya Rama

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(I)ntrep(ID): Art by Priya Rama

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Friday, December 08, 2017, 06:00pm - 09:00pm by lynn Hits : 1

Priya Rama, a member of The Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati, invites the public to attend a free reception of her solo exhibition of (I)ntrep(ID), an art show featuring her migraine-inspired paintings, on Friday, December 8 from 6-9 PM at The Barn in Mariemont.

Transforming pain into beauty is nothing short of inspirational. For Rama, a Mason resident, that inspiration came on a day that she had reached a point of utter helplessness and frustration.

Suffering with migraines and their auras since childhood, she had treated her symptoms with everything from traditional medications to relaxation therapy without enduring success. As an adult, she had to discontinue her doctorate education at OSU due to worsening chronic pain. Then one day she had an especially vivid vision, just at the onset of her headache. And that’s when she grabbed her paintbrush, a few canvases and a load of acrylic paint. “Something changed that day—the process of painting made me feel very calm, meditative and introspective…I wanted to capture it on canvas,” she said. So instead of focusing on the pain, she painted the images she saw when she closed her eyes.

“I wanted to explore more,” she said.

Rama, who grew up in India, would like to bring attention to the activity inside the head during a migraine. She compared it to a slow-motion movie that one can see even with the eyes closed. Through her artwork, she has been able to cope with her pain more effectively and to “share an amazing kinship with others in conversation.”

"I'd also urge others living with chronic pain to incorporate creative approaches to dealing with pain-- although uncomfortable at first, staying with the creative process changes something on the inside, resulting in peace and a 'looseness' of mind and body, she said. Visit Priya's website, priyarama.com.

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Closing Reception: Sunday, Dec. 31 from 1 - 4pm

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